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Rede von Außenminister Guido Westerwelle anlässlich der Internationalen Afghanistan-Konferenz in Tokio, 08. Juli 2012 (Englisch)

09.07.2012 - Rede

-- Es gilt das gesprochene Wort! --

Mr. President, Prime Minister,
Excellencies, distinguished colleagues,

Let me express my gratitude to the Government of Japan for organizing this conference.

Last December in Bonn, we agreed on a road map that re-defines and deepens the relationship between the International Community and Afghanistan during the Transformation Decade.

In Chicago we achieved the first milestone set by this Bonn road map. The funding of the Afghan National Security Forces after 2014 has now been secured.

Today, here in Tokyo, we are dealing with the civilian side of Afghanistan’s development during the Transformation Decade.

The goals we agreed upon are very ambitious.

With the Tokyo Framework we have created a sound basis for mastering the challenges ahead.

In this Framework we formulated a two-way approach towards developing Afghanistan:

First: We all agree that the path towards Afghan self-reliance must be continued, with comprehensive and predictable support from the International Community. Germany will remain committed to the development of Afghanistan throughout the Transformation Decade. We intend to sustain our civilian assistance at its current level of up to 430 million euros per
year at least until 2016.

Afghanistan remains the single most important partner for our civilian and development cooperation. To increase aid effectiveness, we will continue to align our efforts with the Afghan national and sub-national development strategies.

Secondly, Mr. President,

Aid effectiveness means that structural governance and rule of law reforms are a precondition to sustainable development.

We need good governance and we need a strong civil society in Afghanistan.

This requires efforts by the national government and its institutions. It also needs the active participation of the private sector. This is the only way towards growth and self-reliance.

My Government will clearly link its future civilian assistance to governance

Mr President,

Last month in Kabul, President Karzai himself emphasized that the Afghan Government must perform better. Only then can it cure the country’s pains and serve its people.

With his convincing words in mind we will continue to stand by the Afghan people. We will not forget the people of Afghanistan.

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