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Grußwort von Staatsminister Annen zur 1. Konferenz für die Überprüfung der Implementierung des Globalen Migrationspaktes auf regionaler Ebene

10.11.2020 - Rede

Grußwort von Staatsminister Annen zur Eröffnungsveranstaltung der 1. Konferenz für die Überprüfung der Implementierung des Globalen Migrationspaktes (GCM) auf regionaler Ebene in der Region der UN European Economic Commission (ECE) am 12. November 2020.

- Das Grußwort wurde in englischer Sprache voraufgezeichnet. -

Thank you for making this meeting possible despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. To come together for this first regional review, is to fill the GCM with life. It is also proof that the spirit of the document – its multi-stakeholder approach– has translated into reality.

COVID-19 has accelerated many developments, bringing pre-existing problems to the fore and making concerted action more important than ever. This is also true for migration. The pandemic has highlighted the contributions of migrants and - brought very negative consequences for many. The freeze on mobility directly affects many migrants, their states of origin and of Destination.

Migration will continue to present opportunities and challenges for all countries. The GCM was a crucial milestone on our way towards progress. With meetings like ours today we continue to prove the effectiveness of multilateralism even in challenging times.

Fostering safe, orderly and regular migration and mitigating the root causes of forced displacement and irregular migration is on the agenda of governments throughout the ECE region. Migration cannot be dealt with by any one country alone. This is why Germany has promoted the GCM from the beginning and why we look forward to continue to do so.

Within the EU, we have achieved much but challenges remain and issues evolve. It is therefore one of the priorities of the German EU Council presidency to intensify dialogue on migration, within the EU and externally with countries of origin and transit to find long-lasting solutions.

The GCM and its processes epitomize the commitment to finding solutions together. To make it work, we need the „whole of government“- and the „whole of society“.

Today, we will take stock of our needs and expectations within the ECE-region:
What have we learned?
Where do we need to readjust?
Where do we need to intensify efforts?

In Germany, for instance, - we have improved legislation to facilitate skilled labor migration and increased efforts to counteract human trafficking. And we have learned that we need to keep re-adjusting our policies as external factors evolve, as Covid-19 keeps reminding us.

At the international level, the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund is improving coherence within the UN System. Germany will make another substantial contribution. But more donors are needed. We call on your support.
Preparing for this Review has already improved our networking and understanding within Germany. We are now looking forward to benefit from your diverse knowledge and connect during this conference. I wish you all enriching discussions and constructive outcomes.

Thank you!


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