Germany increases aid for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

30.10.2012 - Press release

In response to the dramatic situation of many refugees, the German Government is making available an additional 1.3 million euros to German aid organizations to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

According to international estimates, Lebanon has taken in more than 100,000 Syrian refugees.

In this connection Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today (30 October):

“Everything possible has to be done in Lebanon to bring stability to the country and to prevent the Syria crisis from spreading. The attack on 19 October showed how fragile the situation in the country is.
With a view to improving the support for the many Syrian refugees in Lebanon, we intend to increase our humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees in Lebanon by a further 1.3 million euros.”

Furthermore, Foreign Minister Westerwelle is sending Ambassador Boris Ruge, the Federal Foreign Office’s Regional Director for the Near and Middle East and the Maghreb, to Lebanon from 29 to 30 October for talks.

There he will meet Prime Minister Mikati, representatives of the opposition, Derek Plumbly, the Special Coordinator of the Secretary General for Lebanon, and others.

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