Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle says Kosovo resolution paves the way for our common future in Europe

10.09.2010 - Press release

The UN General Assembly in New York yesterday adopted a resolution on the ICJ advisory opinion on Kosovo that had been co-sponsored by the EU States and Serbia. In this connection, Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle today issued the following statement:

I see this joint resolution as a clear signal that Serbia is choosing cooperation and the road towards the EU. Its adoption is a success story for European diplomacy. The European way is one of cooperation rather than confrontation. It is indispensable for the peace, stability and prosperity of our continent.

I am sure that the course adopted by the Tadić government will receive recognition and approval by the capital cities of Europe.

It is vital for the future of Kosovo and Serbia that the forthcoming face-to-face talks should get off to a good and constructive start. The first goal must be to find practical ways of improving the daily lives of people in both countries.”

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