Federal Minister Westerwelle pays tribute to referendum in Kyrgyzstan

28.06.2010 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle paid tribute to yesterday’s constitutional referendum in Kyrgyzstan. He issued the following statement in Berlin today (28 June):

“The very fact that the referendum was able to be held in Kyrgyzstan yesterday as planned despite the difficult security situation is something we need to recognize.

Now it is crucial that the interim government manages, on the basis of the referendum, to launch a credible process for reform and democratization.

We are talking here about paving the way for the next steps such as the parliamentary elections and the formation of a government which is able to act. It is just as important to move forward with the process of reconciliation in Kyrgyzstan. For this to happen an independent and credible investigation into the violent confrontations of recent weeks is absolutely essential.”

Germany seconded two of the twelve OSCE election observers to Kyrgyzstan for the constitutional referendum on Sunday (27 June).

Federal Minister Westerwelle has already pledged financial assistance to the tune of 200,000 euro for the Kyrgyz leadership for the parliamentary elections scheduled for October.

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