Germany and Mozambique: Bilateral relations

01.03.2024 - Article

The German Democratic Republic (GDR) established diplomatic relations with Mozambique in 1975, the year it gained independence, with the Federal Republic of Germany following suit in 1976. The Agreement regarding Technical Cooperation has been in force since 1985, the Agreement on Cultural Cooperation since 1997. Many Mozambicans studied in the GDR and around 20,000 people from the country were employed there as contract workers. The large number of high-level visits testifies to the amicable nature of bilateral relations. Germany has provided wide-ranging support to the peace, reconciliation and stabilisation process in Mozambique.

Development cooperation is a priority in German-Mozambican relations. This cooperation focuses on good governance, refugee and migration issues, vocational training, as well as renewable energies and the protection of natural resources. In addition to bilateral development cooperation, Germany is also actively involved in the support programmes of the European Union and multilateral institutions.

Mozambique is Germany’s third most important trading partner in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Bilateral trade with Mozambique amounted to some 214 million euro in 2022 with aluminium being Mozambique’s main export to Germany. In 2022, German exports to Mozambique were worth 49.7 million euro, while Mozambican exports to Germany totalled 164.3 million euro. In addition, many imports and exports are handled via the Netherlands and South Africa.


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