Foreign Minister Maas on the Petersburg dialogue

18.07.2019 - Press release

Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement today (18 July) on his meeting with Foreign Minister Lavrov:

Even though we currently have fundamentally different views on many issues, dialogue with Russia remains necessary. We will not find answers to urgent international issues without Moscow. What is more, we can only achieve lasting peace in Europe if we work together.

It is therefore good that I am meeting my opposite number Sergey Lavrov today. We will discuss the preservation of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the future of arms control and the situation in eastern Ukraine. We have recently seen a glimmer of hope in the Donbass. Russia now has to make a constructive contribution to ensure that these positive signs finally lead towards peace.

The Petersburg dialogue is an important link between our societies. Particularly in politically challenging times, we have to do more to foster solidarity among people in our countries. We will continue to work on rebuilding trust among people, trust that was called into doubt by political differences.


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