Statement by Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on the Occasion of the “High-level Replenishment Conference for the Peacebuilding Fund of the United Nations”

26.01.2021 - Speech

(Video conference)

What is the most basic requirement for human life?

And what is it that we, as diplomats, are ultimately working for?

I think, the answer is simple: peace.

Without peace, there is no prosperity, no development, no enjoyment of human rights.

People like Leymah Gbowee, who have experienced war, can testify to that.

And therefore, António, you are right in calling for a quantum leap for peacebuilding.

We know that building and sustaining peace before a crisis is much more efficient and effective than restoring peace after a crisis.

Still, the United Nations’ budget for peacekeeping is seven times higher than the budget for peacebuilding.

The Peacebuilding Fund strategy that we are presenting today has the potential to change this.

  • It commits all pillars of the United Nations to work even closer together.
  • It supports the UN reform process.
  • And it enables fast and risk-tolerant funding.

But even the best strategy is useless without the means to implement it.

Therefore, I am glad to announce that Germany will commit at least 50 million euros to the Peacebuilding Fund over the next two years.

This is also our first multi-year pledge - in an effort to make funding more predictable.

And we encourage other member states and the international community to join our efforts.

Of course, the pandemic is putting massive strains on all of our budgets. But if we don’t mitigate its negative effects on peace and stability now, we will pay a much higher price in the future.

Therefore, we also seek to broaden the Fund’s donor base. Potential partners could include international financial institutions and the private sector.

In the coming months, together with the United Nations, we will organise a “High-Level Event on Innovative Funding for Peace”. And, once more, we will be hoping for your strong support in the most noble task that our work has to offer:

Building peace.

Thank you very much!


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