Foreign Minister Gabriel on the Gulf crisis

14.07.2017 - Press release

The crisis in the Gulf region began six weeks ago. It is high time that all parties sit down without delay at the negotiation table and engage directly with one another. The issues at the heart of the dispute between Arab neighbours and brothers can only be resolved through direct political dialogue.

The talks that were held recently in the region by the US Secretary of State were an important step towards preparing the ground for de-escalation. Moreover, the signing of a bilateral agreement between the United States and Qatar is a first sign that things may be moving in the right direction.

We trust that all members of the Gulf Cooperation Council value consensus, unity, and a good, common future in their region. We Europeans and the United States have a strong interest in this, as well.

We fully and firmly support the mediation role of Kuwait and the efforts of Secretary Tillerson. We will continue to liaise closely with our Kuwaiti, US and European partners, and we stand ready to assist with anything and in any way that may be helpful.

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