Federal Foreign Office on the situation in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

17.05.2017 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office spokesperson commented today (17 May) on the situation in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:

It is a positive development that President Ivanov has changed course and is no longer blocking the formation of a new government. This decision was long overdue and finally reflects the outcome of the elections held in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in December 2016.

The leader of the SDSM, Zaev, now has the mandate to form a government. This can be an important initial step along the way to overcoming the political crisis which has enfolded the country for months.

We call upon all players in Skopje now to work together constructively – also in the upcoming coalition negotiations. The country’s people do not deserve to have political games played out at their expense.

What the country needs, and what its citizens rightly expect, is the rapid formation of a new government which will actively work on the comprehensive implementation of the arrangements made in the Pržino Agreement and on the other urgent reform priorities. Far‑reaching reforms are needed in order for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to proceed further along the path towards Euro‑Atlantic integration. Germany will continue to support the country along this route.

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