Statement by the Special Representative of the Federal Government for the Middle East Stability Partnership on his visit to Jordan

16.12.2016 - Press release

Ambassador Joachim Rücker, Special Representative of the Federal Government for the Middle East Stability Partnership, issued the following statement today (16 December) on his visit to Jordan from 12 to 15 December:

I spoke with Syrian refugee families both in Zaatari refugee camp and in the city of Mafraq, where the population has more than doubled since the start of the Syrian crisis. I was profoundly moved by their stories. These people, but also the host communities who have exhausted their capacities to take people in, count on our support.

Germany is providing more support than ever before to the countries of first admission for refugees around Syria. Funding for Jordan has risen to a record sum of 472 million euros this year in the fields of humanitarian aid and development cooperation.

During my visit, we pledged a further 46 million euros to Jordan, primarily for education and employment promotion. In addition, two financing agreements of over 33 million euros were signed with KfW (Reconstruction Loan Corporation). This funding will be used to improve wastewater and drinking water infrastructure.

During my talks with the Jordanian Government and other stakeholders, in particular with the international financing institutions that want to foster growth and employment on the basis of the latest EU trade facilitation, it became very clear that state and private-sector investments in Jordan help to create opportunities and stability for local people and Syrian refugees alike. This money is well spent. We are expecting a large number of companies at the trade and investment conference that will take place in Brussels on 25 January 2017.

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