Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the imposition of the state of emergency in Turkey

21.07.2016 - Press release

In Washington on 20 July, Foreign Minister Steinmeier commented as follows on the imposition of the state of emergency in Turkey:

“The imposition of the state of emergency has made it clear once more that the attempted putsch is having a profound impact on Turkish politics and society. Our position and expectations vis‑à‑vis Turkey remain: the rule of law, restraint and a sense of proportionality must be maintained in all measures taken to investigate the attempted putsch. The state should only take action where there is proof of involvement in criminal actions and not merely on the basis of suspected political leanings. It is also crucial that the state of emergency is limited to the absolutely necessary duration and then ended immediately. This is in the interest of Turkey itself, for anything else would tear the country apart and weaken it, both within and internationally.”

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