Foreign Minister Steinmeier welcomes ceasefire agreement for Colombia

22.06.2016 - Press release

Reacting to the agreement announced today (22 June) between the Colombian Government and the FARC guerillas on a ceasefire, Foreign Minister Steinmeier made the following comments in Berlin:

With their agreement on a bilateral ceasefire and the disarmament of rebels, the Colombian Government and the FARC guerillas have achieved a decisive breakthrough on the road to peace, a breakthrough for which the people in Colombia are yearning after decades of bloodshed. A successful conclusion of the peace talks is thus almost within grasp.

It is now time for the ELN to join in this encouraging example and also make its contribution to ending violence in Colombia.

Also with my Special Envoy to the Colombian Peace Process Tom Koenigs, we are continuing to actively support Colombia on its road to peace and reconciliation, for example by assisting the judiciary as it deals with the conflict, by providing assistance for victims and helping integrate the internally displaced.

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