OSCE Chairperson‑in‑Office Steinmeier on yesterday’s attacks in Istanbul

13.01.2016 - Press release

The OSCE Chairperson‑in‑Office, Federal Foreign Minister Frank‑Walter Steinmeier, has condemned yesterday’s terrorist attack in Istanbul in the strongest possible terms. With regard to the many victims, Steinmeier said: “This is a difficult time for all of us – a time of grief, rage and shock.” Steinmeier offered his deepest sympathy and condolences to the families and friends of the victims. He emphasised:

12 January has once again made it painfully clear that the cancer of terrorism does not spare anyone. This form of barbaric and cowardly murder poses a threat to all the OSCE states and beyond.

The Chairperson‑in‑Office assured Turkey of the OSCE’s firm support.

Steinmeier urged all partners in the OSCE not to allow themselves to be intimidated by murder and violence. “On the contrary, we will increase our resolve to work together to tackle terrorism at all levels.” He went on to say that they would have to employ a wide variety of approaches and means, ranging from de‑escalation of conflicts, through the police and the rule of law, to efforts to prevent violent ideologies from taking root in the minds of young people. Steinmeier declared:

To this end the OSCE is already active in many areas. We have to show determination in maintaining this engagement.

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