Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the surge of violence in the Middle East

16.10.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement on the situation in the Middle East today (16 October) in Berlin:

I am deeply concerned by the continuing violence in Jerusalem, which has spread to numerous other towns in the West Bank, Israel and Gaza over the past days, and has led to many fatalities and injuries on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian. It is awful that people have to live in constant fear of being a victim of random violence on the street. All perpetrators of these violent crimes must be brought to justice.

Israel has every right to protect its populace from attacks. Both sides must now refrain from doing anything that would further escalate the tense situation. Everything that is done now must be done with moderation.

The two sides have failed to talk to each other for far too long. This silence must finally be overcome. We need to resume a political process with a view to achieving a lasting settlement to the conflict.

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