“Winged Seahorse” gold brooch returned to Turkey

07.03.2013 - Press release

Today (7 March), the German Government returned to Turkey the “Winged Seahorse” gold brooch stolen from the museum in the Turkish city of Usak in 2005.

Minister of State Cornelia Pieper expressed her delight about the successful search and the swift return of the brooch to Turkey:

“The Federal Republic of Germany believes that the return to Turkey of this historically important artefact bears witness to the excellent and close cooperation with Turkey in the cultural sphere. It also underscores Germany’s resolute action to fight the illegal cross border trade in cultural property.”

The brooch could not be traced for many years after its theft from the museum in Usak. Following the issue of a search request by the Turkish side and thanks to the exemplary cooperation between the police authorities of the two countries, it was finally found and seized in Germany.

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