Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the parliamentary elections in Italy

26.02.2013 - Press release

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement from Berlin today (26 February) on the parliamentary elections in Italy:

“The formation of a stable and viable Italian Government as swiftly as possible is in the interest not only of Italy, but of all of Europe. The political leaders in Rome know that Italy needs to keep pursuing a sound policy of reform and consolidation in order to bolster the confidence of both the public and the markets.

Italy plays a key role in successfully tackling the European debt crisis. That is why we are counting on the new Government to consistently continue the consolidation and reform policies. When it comes to the debt crisis, we’re all in the same boat in Europe. That is why it’s important for everyone to recognize their share of responsibility for the larger picture, and to be guided in their actions by this sense of responsibility.”

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