Foreign Minister Westerwelle to travel to Turkey

12.10.2012 - Press release

Foreign Minister Westerwelle is travelling to Istanbul tomorrow on his way home from China for talks with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoğlu. They will discuss the situation in Syria and at the Turkish-Syrian border. In this connection Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today (12 October):

“The situation in Syria is steadily deteriorating. We are profoundly concerned. It is important now that nobody pour oil on the fire. We want to see calm and a de-escalation.
My visit to Turkey is intended to demonstrate our solidarity. The mortar attacks launched from Syria on Turkey are totally unacceptable.
My visit to Turkey therefore has a twofold message: firstly, I want to demonstrate our solidarity and highlight our partnership with our NATO partner Turkey; secondly, I also want to appeal for calm and a de escalation.
It is important that no-one react to provocation. Rather, we have to continue our work to make possible a new democratic order in Syria.
I will hear first-hand about the background to the forced landing of a Syrian passenger plane and the confiscation of items from the aircraft in Turkey.”

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