Foreign Minister Westerwelle shocked by attacks on Turkish military installations

19.10.2011 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement today on terrorist attacks on Turkish military installations in southeastern Turkey, and on the situation in the Turkish-Iraqi border region:

“I am shocked and dismayed that the most recent attacks on military installations in Turkey near its Iraqi border with Iraq have claimed so many victims.
The German Government is deeply concerned about the resurgence of conflict in predominantly Kurdish areas and the related significant increase in violence since the Turkish parliamentary elections of 12 June 2011. I call upon all parties to do everything possible to avoid a further escalation of violence.
I would like to encourage the Governments of Turkey and Iraq – including the Kurdish regional government – to enter into dialogue to find joint methods and approaches in order to prevent the Turkish-Iraqi border region from becoming a haven for terrorist groups such as the PKK.”

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