Minister of State Hoyer welcomes OSCE’s clear signal on the human rights situation in Belarus

16.06.2011 - Press release

On the occasion of the publication of a report by an independent OSCE expert on human rights violations in Belarus, Minister of State Hoyer said today (16 June) in Berlin:

The people of Belarus have a right to live in freedom and dignity. The German Government thus calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners, the review of all political convictions, and an end to repression and violence against members of the opposition, independent journalists, and representatives of civil society.
The report of the independent OSCE rapporteur confirms our very critical evaluation of the human rights situation in Belarus.
I call on the authorities of the country to implement the recommendations contained in the report and to resume work with the OSCE on human rights.

The report by independent rapporteur Prof. Decaux was produced in the framework of the OSCE’s Moscow Mechanism and published today. The Moscow Mechanism was initiated on 6 April 2011 by 14 OSCE countries, including Germany. Its aim is to strengthen human rights through dialogue and cooperation. All OSCE countries, a group to which Belarus belongs, are obliged to protect human rights.

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