Federal Foreign Office on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act

03.04.2024 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement on 3 April 2024 following the Ugandan Constitutional Court’s decision to uphold the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act:

We are deeply concerned by the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda. Having signed international human rights agreements such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and, in particular, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Uganda has entered into binding obligations regarding human rights. The Act represents a violation of these fundamental and universal human rights of queer people. Our position is clear – all people are entitled to love whomever they want. It is alarming that, following the court’s decision, this Act will now remain in force. Especially as the death penalty can still be imposed – a form of punishment that Germany and its European partners reject under any circumstances.

Germany will continue to lobby the Ugandan Government and work with civil society in the country to uphold the dignity and human rights of all individuals, irrespective of their gender and sexual orientation.


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