Statement by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock prior to her trip to Geneva for the Human Rights Council and the Conference on Disarmament

27.02.2023 - Press release

Human rights are universal and non‑negotiable. Across the world, however, be it in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, in Iran, in Afghanistan or elsewhere, they are being trampled underfoot. In the United Nations Human Rights Council, we denounce injustice for what it is and work to ensure accountability. The lack of a sanctions mechanism in this forum makes the task more difficult, but no less important. Our progress may often appear slow and slight, but every resolution, every commission of inquiry and every rapporteur appointed is a brick that makes the wall between justice and injustice stronger.

While in Geneva, I will also be addressing the Conference on Disarmament. At a time when a nuclear power is violating the fundamental principles of the UN Charter, negotiating forums like the Geneva Conference on Disarmament are more important than ever. Every inch of progress counts here. Because disarmament and arms control remains an essential component of our security. We must not allow a small number of states to endanger the security of each and every one of us by undermining rules designed to serve us all. With our efforts towards disarmament, we stand on the side of international law. And that is a position of strength.


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