Federal Foreign Office on the New START Treaty for the reduction of strategic weapons and launchers by the US and Russia

06.02.2018 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (6 February) on the implementation of the New START Treaty and the confirmation at yesterday’s cut off date that the central limits of the New START Treaty were kept:

Tangible progress in the field of nuclear disarmament can be achieved even in difficult times for security policy. One example is yesterday’s implementation date for the New START Treaty. The US and the Russian Federation have reduced their strategic nuclear arsenals to the maximum limits stipulated by the New START Treaty of 2011 in time for this cut off date. In terms of numbers, this means that both contracting parties have reduced the number of operational strategic nuclear warheads to 1550 each and the number of launchers to a maximum of 800 each. The number of operational nuclear warheads held by the US and Russia has therefore been reduced by about 74 percent since the end of the Cold War.
Furthermore, the New START Treaty has established an effective verification system. Washington and Moscow exchange information on their strategic nuclear arsenals and may conduct up to 18 on site inspections per year. This also increases security for us in Europe and helps to build mutual trust.
It is with this in mind that we want the United States and Russia to agree to a follow up regime for strategic nuclear weapons or to an extension of New START prior to its expiration in February 2021, and we hope that talks on this will begin as soon as possible.


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