Germany and Zambia: Bilateral relations

01.10.2023 - Article

The Federal Republic of Germany has maintained diplomatic relations with Zambia since the latter gained independence on 24 October 1964.

In 2021, German imports from Zambia were worth 74.9 million euro. In the same year, German exports to Zambia totalled some 43.5 million euro. Business delegations visit Zambia regularly, for example representatives from the agricultural sector attending the annual Agritech trade fair in which 18 German exhibitors took part in April 2023. The country is very interested in German products, particularly machinery, vehicles, chemical products, as well as measurement, control and biometric technology, and holds them in high regard.

Zambia is a key partner country of German development cooperation. The main aims of German-Zambian development cooperation are to reduce poverty, promote good governance and improve social and political conditions. Human rights protection, gender equality, HIV/AIDS prevention, and environmental and resource protection are cross-cutting sectors in all priority areas of this cooperation.

The German Government also supports the work of several NGOs and private-sector organisations in Zambia. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has an office in Lusaka and conducts socio-political measures in the country.

Germany’s cultural cooperation with Zambia focuses on sport (including donations of equipment), as well as on information trips and training courses for Zambian politicians, officials, cultural workers and journalists to or in Germany.


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