Germany and Central African Republic: Bilateral relations

12.02.2020 - Article

Relations between Germany and the Central African Republic are untroubled but low-key. Germany closed its Embassy in the capital Bangui in 1997 and since then the German Embassy in Cameroon has been responsible for the country. For its part, the Central African Republic looks after relations with Germany through its Embassy in Paris.

Germany, which is not making available personnel either for the United Nations MINUSCA peace mission or European Union training programmes for the armed forces of the Central African Republic, is providing substantial assistance to alleviate the humanitarian crisis. In the period 2017-2019, the Federal Foreign Office made available some 75 million euros for humanitarian assistance, making Germany the second-largest bilateral donor.

Germany is engaged in the field of stabilisation and since 2006 has paid 138 million euros into the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund which is also used to finance projects in the Central African Republic, for example, to promote reconciliation and political dialogue.

Since development cooperation was relaunched in 2014, Germany has made available some 145 million euros including for measures organised by the World Food Programme and efforts to rebuild the national health system.

German is taught as the second foreign language at some of the country’s secondary schools. There are no German cultural or educational institutions in the Central African Republic.


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