Last updated in October 2018

Political relations

Relations between Germany and the Central African Republic are basically amicable but low-key. The German Embassy in Bangui was closed in 1997. Since then, the German Embassy in Yaoundé has been responsible for the Central African Republic. For its part, the Central African Republic looks after relations with Germany through its embassy in Paris.

Economic relations and development cooperation

Trade relations between Germany and the Central African Republic are modest.

The Federal Foreign Office supports development cooperation and emergency relief projects through international partners, e.g. European Union and United Nations programmes, or through aid organisation such as Doctors Without Borders, German Agro Action and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Germany also provides support to take care of Central African refugees in neighbouring countries.

Cultural relations

German is taught as the second foreign language at some of the country’s secondary schools. There are no German cultural or educational institutions in the Central African Republic.

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