Germany and Central African Republic: Bilateral relations

18.01.2024 - Article

Relations between Germany and the Central African Republic are untroubled but low-key. Germany closed its Embassy in the capital Bangui in 1997 and since then the German Embassy in Cameroon has been responsible for the country. For its part, the Central African Republic looks after relations with Germany through its Embassy in Paris.

Germany is providing substantial assistance to alleviate the humanitarian crisis, but is not making personnel available either for the United Nations MINUSCA peace mission or for European Union advisory services for the armed forces of the Central African Republic. Germany is supporting the civilian CSDP EU Advisory Mission (EUAM RCA) with personnel. In the period 2020-2023, the Federal Foreign Office made available some 104 million euro for humanitarian assistance, making Germany the second-largest bilateral donor.

Germany is engaged in the field of stabilisation and since 2017 has paid some 255 million euro into the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund, which is also used to finance projects in the Central African Republic, for example, to promote reconciliation and political dialogue.

Since 2014, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has made available around 250 million euro to overcome the crisis in the Central African Republic. Cooperation has focused on the core issues of peace and social cohesion in the area of reconstruction in order to ensure that the people have the resources they need to live. Contributions have been made to fostering food security and rural development, promoting health, reconciliation and support for internally displaced persons and tackling root causes of migration.

Projects continue to be implemented through transitional development assistance and non-state development cooperation instruments as well as by NGOs and UN organisations.


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