Germany and Spain: Bilateral relations

29.08.2022 - Article

Relations between Germany and Spain are close and friendly. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 181,645 Spaniards were living in Germany at the end of 2020. The Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) reported that 108,568 German nationals were resident in Spain in early 2021.

The two countries enjoy close political relations. Alongside high-level visits, senior officials meet regularly for consultations.

In 2021, Germany was Spain’s second-largest trading partner after France. Spain is an important business location for German enterprises. More than 1800 German businesses are currently active in the Country, providing more than 200,000 Jobs, while half a million jobs in Spain are indirectly connected to these business operations. Germany ranks first among suppliers of imports to Spain, and is the second-largest destination after France for exports from the country. Worldwide, Spain ranks 12th among Germany’s trading partners (37.6 billion euros). In 2019, before COVID‑19 struck, 11.2 million Germans visited the country, making them the second-largest group of tourists. In 2021, Spain welcomed only 5.2 million (2020: 2.4 million) German tourists due to the pandemic.

Spain is the Guest of Honour the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2022. The Goethe-Institut promotes cultural exchange from its offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Spain currently has 24 schools in the Schools: Partners for the Future programme, a worldwide network of schools funded by the Federal Foreign Office, including nine German schools abroad that receive financial support and personnel from Germany. The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) has a Department in Madrid, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has maintained an Information Centre in the city since 2011.

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