Last updated in October 2015

Relations between Germany and the Principality of Monaco have traditionally been amicable, as attested by Monaco’s Embassy in Berlin, Germany being one of its few countries where the country has its own embassy. The German Ambassador in Paris has been accredited to Monaco since December 2007. Since March 2012, the interests of German citizens living in Monaco have also been looked after, at consular level, by the German Embassy in Paris. Germany has had an Honorary Consul in Monaco since 1988. German nationals in Monaco number approximately 900, accounting for nearly 3 per cent of the population.

The International German Club has played an active role in the country’s social life since 1973.

The Principality of Monaco signed an extradition treaty and a treaty on mutual assistance in criminal matters with the Federal Republic of Germany in 1962. A Tax Information Exchange Agreement between Monaco and Germany has been in force since December 2011.

Since Monaco has a customs union with France, the country’s trade with France does not appear in its foreign trade statistics, which is why Germany is listed there as Monaco’s principal trading partner, ahead of Italy. In 2011, Monaco’s exports to Germany were worth EUR 140.6 million, accounting for 17.5 per cent of the country’s total exports, ahead of Italy (9.9 per cent) and Spain (8 per cent). Among the suppliers of Monaco’s imports, Germany ranks second (with a volume of EUR 108.8 million, or 13 percent of Monaco’s total imports), behind Italy (26.7 per cent) and ahead of the United Kingdom (10.3 per cent) .

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