Germany and the Republic of Moldova: Bilateral relations

09.03.2022 - Article

Germany supports the goal of long-term stability and development in Moldova through sustainable reforms aimed at bolstering democracy and the rule of law. It also supports the country’s anchoring in the European community of shared values. Within the EU, we are in favour of financial assistance, provided that it is accompanied by progress on reform, and are calling for key European values such as freedom of the media and the independence of the judiciary to be protected.

Moldova regards Germany as one of its most important supporters in the EU. German investors and German development cooperation are appreciated, while Germany’s ongoing engagement in the Transnistria question is recognised. Moldova’s Government is interested in having good relations with Germany and in receiving advice from Germany.

Germany is one of the Republic of Moldova’s key trading partners. In 2019, Germany was the third largest importer of Moldovan goods and the fifth largest exporter of goods to the Republic of Moldova. German companies have made major direct investments in the country, for example in the automotive supply industry. The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) and the additional liberalisation measures adopted by the European Union to soften the blow of Russian trade restrictions are having a positive impact on the Moldovan economy, even though the pandemic caused a setback in 2020.

Bilateral cooperation with the Republic of Moldova was established in 1992. Support to date has totalled 150.9 million euro. By focusing on reform efforts and regional development, Germany wants to help improve people’s quality of life, especially in rural regions, for example through projects in the spheres of sustainable economic development as well as public administration and decentralisation. As part of the BMZ 2030 reform process, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation introduced the new transformation partner model, the aim of which is to launch cooperation focused on certain areas with countries in the EU’s neighbourhood, including Moldova.

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