Germany and France: a special relationship based on trust

Foreign Minister Maas meeting French President Macron and his counterpart Le Drian

Foreign Minister Maas meeting French President Macron and his counterpart Le Drian, © Felix Zahn/photothek.net


Foreign Minister Maas is attending a meeting of the French Cabinet today.

The Treaty of Aachen was only signed in January and yet work to implement the projects promoting enhanced cooperation between Germany and France that it defines is already in full swing. Once each quarter, a German or French minister will attend the Cabinet meeting of the respective other government. French Foreign Minister Le Drian visited Berlin at the end of March, and now Foreign Minister Maas is travelling to Paris.

Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement in Paris:

For me, this is an expression of the very special trust that we have in each other. We are doing this in awareness of our special responsibility for Europe. Europe is always our frame of reference and compass for our friendship.

French President Macron received Foreign Minister Maas for talks shortly before the meeting of the Cabinet. The Cabinet meeting will be followed by an in-depth discussion with Maas’ counterpart. One of the issues on the agenda will be the situation in Iran.

All parties must undertake tangible steps in order to prevent further, uncontrolled escalation. We are liaising closely with France with regard to what we can do to keep channels of communication open and to help calm the situation.

Liaising closely with France, for Europe and at the international level – the two Foreign Ministers are demonstrating that Germany and France are serious about breathing life into the Treaty of Aachen as quickly as possible.


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