Germany and Estonia: Bilateral relations

01.03.2024 - Article

Estonia and Germany enjoy close and amicable ties. Regular visits to Estonia by delegations from Germany underline the important position Estonia occupies in German foreign and European policy. A central goal of the visits by federal, Land and municipal representatives is to engage in dialogue on the status and implementation of digital technology (particularly e-government, e-health and e-education) in Estonia.

Germany is one of Estonia’s largest trading partners. There are around 400 companies registered in Estonia with German equity participation. The German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, which has an office in Tallinn, provides the most important point of contact for German business and industry.

The close ties between Germany and Estonia have historical roots which go back a long way: the presence of the Baltic Germans from the 13th century until the beginning of the Second World War, the flourishing trade and business relations during the era of the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages and the resulting prominence of the German language as well as close exchange with the German-speaking world, even during the period of the Soviet occupation.

After Estonia regained its independence in 1991, cultural relations intensified, focusing on promotion of the German language, cooperation in the fields of science and higher education, and cultural exchange.

The German Embassy, the Goethe-Institut and a wealth of Estonian partners organise the annual cultural festival “German Spring”. Held over four weeks, this is the largest foreign cultural festival in Estonia, providing a well-used opportunity for the German Länder as well as German organisations and partners to showcase what they have to offer and intensify their relations with Estonia.


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