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29.12.2020 - Article

Germany and Egypt have long maintained close and diverse relations. Germany is continuing its efforts to help Egypt build a modern, democratic state. The Federal Government is watching the human rights situation in Egypt closely, the overall policy aim being to maintain long-term stability.

Germany and Egypt enjoy intensive economic and trade relations. Germany is Egypt’s second-largest trading partner behind China, with trade totalling just under 4.5 billion euros in 2019. Egypt is also a popular tourist destination: 1.8 million Germans visited the country in 2019 – by far the biggest group of foreign tourists.

Egypt is a key country for German development policy: with a current portfolio of 1.6 billion euros, it is one of the largest partner countries of German development cooperation. The following priority areas have been agreed with the Egyptian Government: promoting employment to foster sustainable economic development; the water sector and waste management; and promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency. In addition, Germany provides funding for projects including the construction of primary schools, efforts to improve the status of women and girls, administrative reform and district development in the Greater Cairo metropolitan area.

The seven German Schools in Egypt are attended by just under 5000 pupils. The Goethe‑Institut branches in Cairo and Alexandria not only offer extensive language programmes and library facilities, but also organise numerous events. Around 19,000 students are enrolled on German courses at nine universities in Egypt, with support from German Academic Exchange Service lectors. It is estimated that over 300,000 people are learning German. The German Archaeological Institute is primarily involved in excavations, but also oversaw the restoration of Islamic monuments in Historic Cairo.

Five German universities and research institutions are active in the academic and scientific sector in Egypt. In addition, Germany supports the German University in Cairo and the German International University, a university of applied sciences currently being established. Technische Universität Berlin has had a satellite campus on the Red Sea since October 2012.

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Egypt is a partner country of German development cooperation. For more information please visit the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development


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