Germany and Italy: Bilateral relations

02.03.2023 - Article

Relations between Germany and Italy have traditionally been close. As Germany and Italy are both “young nations”, the two countries share experiences in their historical development. Their position today at the heart of Europe and their membership of NATO and of the EU, as well as their close economic links provide a very good basis for this. The number of German cultural institutions in Italy is unique. The diverse contacts between the two civil societies, with more than 800,000 Italian citizens living in Germany, contribute to the close relations. The two Governments have drafted common positions on European policy, especially on issues of fundamental importance, such as further deepening the European Union, framing European migration policy, European neighbourhood policy or EU enlargement.

Government ministers and parliamentarians from the two countries meet regularly for an in-depth exchange of views and also often meet at international conferences and European Council sessions. Close contacts are also maintained between the Heads of State, most recently in the form of a visit by the Italian President Mattarella to Berlin in October 2021.

The Villa Vigoni Association on Lake Como is a forum specifically created to promote bilateral exchange, hosting numerous events on academic, cultural, political and economic issues. Germany’s political foundations are present in the country and also play a major role in bilateral relations.

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