Sanctions against Iran and help for Ukraine: EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg

EU building in Luxembourg with flags in the front

EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg, © Felix Zahn/photothek.net

14.10.2022 - Article

Today, Foreign Minister Baerbock is at the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg. On the agenda are Ukraine, Iran, EU-China relations and EU climate policy. Read on to find out what specific decisions are set to be made.

Almost eight months after the Russian attack on Ukraine began, the war will once again be the focus of the Foreign Ministers’ consultations. As well as the current situation, two important decisions on further EU support for Ukraine are on the agenda. The Foreign Ministers will decide on an EU support mission for Ukraine. This new mission, known as EU MAM Ukraine, will have the goal of training up to 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in various EU member states. Additional financial assistance for military support services as part of the European Peace Facility is also set to be introduced at today’s meeting.

Looking to the Far East: Discussion on EU-China relations

High Representative Borrell will then invite the Foreign Ministers to the traditional working lunch. This time, the focus will be on China. Relations with the country are shaped by its threefold role of strategic partner, competitor and systemic rival. The High Representative aims to use this discussion to strengthen the common line on relations with China and prepare talks on the topic to be held soon between the EU heads of state and government at a European Council meeting. Economic dependencies on China and active human rights policy will be among the aspects discussed.

Sanctions due to the situation in Iran

The Foreign Ministers will also engage with other current issues, in particular the EU’s response to the brutal suppression of the protests in Iran. As a first step, the Foreign Ministers will introduce new sanctions against the Iranian regime. Iran’s leaders will be targeted with EU travel bans, asset freezes and a ban on providing them with goods or funds.

Other topics: Global Gateway and climate crisis

Also on the agenda are consultations on the launch of the Global Gateway, the new EU investment strategy, as well as climate change and the preparations for the upcoming 27th Climate Change Conference, which will take place from 6 to 27 November 2022 in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. To inject fresh momentum into EU climate diplomacy, Germany’s Foreign Minister will hold a morning meeting with a group of proactive counterparts. Their aim is to promote the fight against the climate crisis together worldwide.


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