Federal Foreign Office spokesperson on the elections in Colombia

18.06.2018 - Press release

Federal Foreign Office spokesperson issued the following statement today (18 June) on the elections in Colombia:

The fact that the elections in Colombia were the most peaceful for many years is good news and bodes well for the future. The elections are bound up with great hopes and expectations. The task now is to ensure that Colombia continues along its path towards a peaceful future.

However, the new government also faces major challenges. We therefore welcome the statement by the new Colombian President that, irrespective of all the differences, he wants to unite his country and overcome the ongoing polarisation. Germany is willing to support the new Colombian President and his government on the difficult road to peace and internal reconciliation.

Our countries share a long tradition of amicable ties. We look forward to continuing this cooperation based on mutual trust with the new Colombian Government.

Background information:

Iván Duque, a 41 year old lawyer (specialising in commercial law) and senator of the right-wing conservative Centro Democrático party, won the second round of the presidential elections on 17 June 2018 with just under 54% of the votes. In the run-off, his left-wing opponent Gustavo Petro received just under 42% of the votes. The 52% turnout for the second round was a historic record high. The elections went off peacefully, trouble-free and quietly throughout the country.


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