Federal Foreign Office on the US announcement of possible sanctions against ICC staff

12.06.2020 - Press release

In response to the US announcement of possible sanctions against ICC staff, a Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (12 June 2020):

We have noted with great concern the US announcement authorising the Secretary of State in certain cases to impose further visa restrictions and also economic sanctions against International Criminal Court staff.

Germany is one of the ICC’s steadfast supporters. We have full confidence in its work. It is an indispensable institution in the fight against impunity of international crimes and is needed more than ever these days. We reject any exertion of pressure on the independent Court, its staff or people who cooperate with it.

Background information:

Since March 2020, the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has been conducting formal investigations into the situation in Afghanistan. The visa restrictions initially imposed and now expanded, and the new economic sanctions against ICC staff, are intended among other things to put an end to these proceedings before the Court, but also apply beyond this specific case. Moreover, the United States can impose similar sanctions if proceedings are launched against nationals of friendly nations which have not acceded to the ICC. There is also the possibility of extending the sanctions to third parties who cooperate with the Court.


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