Joint statement by Foreign Minister Gabriel and Defence Minister von der Leyen expressing Germany’s support for extending Jens Stoltenberg’s term as NATO Secretary General

06.12.2017 - Press release

Jens Stoltenberg has served as Secretary General of NATO since 2014. His four-year term comes to an end next year. Germany is in favour of extending his term in office by another two years.

Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has issued the following statement:

Secretary General Stoltenberg’s outstanding work has demonstrated that he is modernising NATO and laying the groundwork for a successful future for the Alliance. The international security environment has changed considerably in recent years. In this difficult phase, Jens Stoltenberg has led the Alliance with success and with a clear compass. That holds true with regard not only to relations with Russia but also to enhanced cooperation between NATO and the EU. Germany will continue to support the Secretary General in these endeavours.

Federal Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen has issued the following Statement:

Jens Stoltenberg is an outstanding Secretary General and has Germany’s full support. Not only has he done great work modernising NATO and adapting its structures to reflect the changed security situation. Jens Stoltenberg is also a major promoter of closer cooperation between NATO and the European Union.


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