Federal Foreign Office starts off 2018 by launching twelve new Twitter accounts

19.02.2018 - Press release

Important information

Whether it be Brexit, policy on Eastern Europe, or reactions to acute crises: foreign policy is garnering lots of attention these days. More than one million followers of the Federal Foreign Office on Twitter are proof of this, along with 300,000 friends on Facebook and 35,000 followers on Instagram, the most recent of our social media accounts. Controversial issues addressed in our posts prompt hundreds, and sometimes more than one thousand, user comments every day.

It is important to note, however, that the Federal Foreign Office is active in so many areas that only a fraction of our work is actually reflected by these accounts. To make foreign policy even more transparent and let those who take an interest in what we do engage in open discussions on specialised topics, the Federal Foreign Office is now expanding its social media communication activities.

Twelve top diplomats at the Ministry are therefore launching their own Twitter accounts. Some have a regional focus – for example our policy on Asia, Africa, or Eastern Europe. Others cover specific issues, such as Brexit, stabilisation and humanitarian aid, the energy transition, strategic communication, economic affairs and sustainable development, the United Nations and cultural relations and education policy. The Crisis Response Centre is launching a Twitter account to supplement its previously released Sicher Reisen app. The Policy Planning Staff, too, will maintain a Twitter feed that will give users an impression of its daily activities.

At the same time, the German missions abroad are expanding their social media footprint. They already today reach more than six million followers and friends around the world through more than 300 social media accounts. Everyone who has not already connected with us is more than welcome to do so – we look forward to the conversation!

Links to the accounts

•@AA_Kultur: Cultural relations and education policy
•@AA_SicherReisen: Travel and security advice from our Crisis Response Centre
•@AA_stabilisiert: Crisis prevention, stabilisation, post-conflict peacebuilding and humanitarian assistance
•@GermanyonBrexit: Germany’s view on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (English)
•@GermanyonUN: Germany’s views on international order, the United Nations and arms control (English)
•@GERClimatEnergy: German energy policy and climate diplomacy (English)
•@GERonEconomy: Foreign trade and investment policy and sustainable development (English)
•@GERonAfrica: German policy on Africa (English)
•@GERonAsia: German policy on Asia (English)
•@GERonOstpolitik: German policy on Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (English)
•@GERonStratCom: Strategic communication of the Federal Foreign Office (English)
•@Planungsstab: Federal Foreign Office Policy Planning Staff (English)

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