Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia - Declaration on the Trio Presidency 2020/2021

22.05.2019 - Press release

The Foreign Ministers of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia met today and discussed their upcoming Trio EU Presidency in 2020/2021. They issued the following statement:

In an increasingly challenging and unpredictable world, the EU remains a beacon of freedom, security, stability and prosperity. We remain firmly convinced that we need the European Union more than ever to safeguard our values and interests. In our Trio Presidency in 2020/2021, we will work towards a stronger and cohesive European Union united on the basis of its unique set of common values and principles.

In setting our common goals we will focus on finding concrete solutions to the expectations and concerns of European citizens. We will strive to strengthen our commitment to a united EU, grounded on common values, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Together, we will contribute to an economically strong Union, promoting jobs, growth and the social dimension in Europe, adapting to the challenges of digitalization, climate change and energy transition. We strongly support an enhanced EU role as a foreign policy actor at global level to preserve and further promote an inclusive multilateral order. This will require, inter alia, a firm engagement with the United Nations and a reinvigorated dialogue and strategic partnerships with other global players in different continents.

Our Trio represents different facets and regions of the European Union; it is, thus, an example of Europe’s unity in diversity. Together, we will pursue an ambitious and forward-looking agenda throughout the 18 months of our Trio Presidency. We will work closely with the previous Trio consisting of Romania, Finland and Croatia and the following Trio consisting of France, Czech Republic and Sweden. We will spare no effort at aiming for a coherent implementation of the EU’s Strategic Agenda that is to be adopted by the European Council in June this year.

In the coming days European citizens will elect the next European Parliament. We strongly call on every citizen to vote and to have their say on the future of Europe.

The elections mark the starting point for a new institutional cycle of the European Union. In the years to come, the EU will have to continue to demonstrate its ability to meet the needs and expectations of its citizens. It is about reinforcing trust and credibility in the EU’s capacity to find common solutions for common challenges. As a Trio, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia are firmly committed to effectively contribute to this aim and to foster our common project of European integration.


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