Statement by a Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson on the latest developments in the Sudan

31.05.2022 - Press release

Since the military coup of 25 October last year, the Sudan has been experiencing a profound political and economic crisis. Against this backdrop, the fact that the Sudanese military has now released around 125 political prisoners and lifted the state of emergency is a glimmer of hope. It offers the various Sudanese stakeholders an opportunity for constructive dialogue. This opportunity should now be seized. The United Nations, the African Union and the regional organisation IGAD stand ready to support the holding of talks.

As a next step, we expect the Sudanese military to hold accountable those who have threatened protestors or used violence against them in recent months.

Hundreds of thousands of Sudanese people have repeatedly and publicly called for a civilian-led government, because they quite naturally wish to have a hand in shaping their country’s political and economic development. This commitment to democracy, peace and security deserves great respect and has Germany’s support.

All bilateral cooperation programmes with Khartoum are currently suspended. Germany intends to maintain this suspension until there is a real prospect of a political leadership that will sustainably and credibly foster democratic change in the country.


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