Minister of State Müntefering on the COVID‑19 bonus for teachers working abroad

21.12.2020 - Press release

Minister of State Michelle Müntefering issued the following statement today (21 December) on the COVID‑19 bonus for teachers working abroad:

Teachers working at German schools abroad are among those particularly affected by the COVID‑19 pandemic. They are exposed to major health risks in many places. Nevertheless, more than 85% of them decided to remain at their schools. They have thus made a valuable contribution at a difficult time towards ensuring the operability of German schools abroad. For that they deserve special recognition. I am delighted that, just like their colleagues working in Germany, they are receiving a COVID‑19 bonus.

Background Information:

The majority of those working in the public sector are receiving a one-off payment this year in recognition of the special burden placed on them during the COVID‑19 pandemic.

The Federal Foreign Office has decided that this bonus should also go to teachers working at German schools abroad. The total cost, around 400,000 euro, was covered by funding from the schools fund.

As a rule, these teachers are employed by German schools abroad. They are placed but not seconded by the Central Agency for Schools Abroad. Their salaries take the form of allocations from the schools fund. This year’s bonus required a specific decision to be made to increase these allocations on a one-off basis.


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