Speech by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the UNGA High-Level Side Event on Sudan

30.09.2021 - Speech

Two years ago, I visited the Sudan in the aftermath of the revolution.

I remember the determination of the people who stood up for democracy. Their courage brought down one of the most oppressive dictatorships in the world.

Since then, we have seen a new Sudan emerge:

The Transition Agreement and the Juba Peace Agreement created a pathway towards lasting peace, stability and democracy. By rebuilding regional and international ties, the Sudan has returned to the international stage.

And the civilian-led government has launched economic reforms supported by the international community – also via the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative.

At the same time, many challenges remain. Last week’s events have shown that we must stay vigilant and redouble our efforts to keep the transition on track:

Establishing the Transitional Legislative Council, preparing elections and ensuring women’s political participation are key to the Sudan’s democratic future.

The implementation of the peace agreement and dialogue with those who are not part of the agreement must proceed.

And economic reforms and recovery have to remain a priority to improve the lives of the population.

In all these steps, the international community stands with the Sudan and its people. We mobilised strong financial and political backing at the international conferences in Berlin and Paris.

Germany resumed its bilateral development cooperation, which we are increasing to 435 million euro this year. We are providing humanitarian assistance and we continue to be engaged in the debt relief process. And we are supporting the important work by the UNITAMS mission led by Volker Perthes.

Prime Minister Hamdok,
During the last two years, your country has come a long way. Advancing the transition will need further determination. Please count on our support in that effort – for a Sudan of peace, prosperity and democracy.

Thank you.


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