Video message by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: “Supporting the Futureof Syria and the Region”

30.06.2020 - Speech

More than 9 years without peace. Probably no one who is not affected can understand what it feels like.

The sadness of a child that could never go to school. The pain of a woman who survived sexual violence. Or the grief of a mother whose son was tortured to death.

Stories like these are surfacing at the High Court of the German town of Koblenz, where the world’s first criminal trial for state torture in Syria is taking place.

And now, the COVID-19 pandemic adds to those horrors: Access to humanitarian assistance is even further restricted. And health facilities that lie in ruins cannot attend to the enormous needs.

Today, we can demonstrate that the world cares, that the people of Syria are not forgotten.

First, we must work together for a renewal of resolution 2504. The lives of millions of Syrians depend on cross-border assistance from Turkey and Iraq.

Second, we must support the neighbouring countries. They host the vast majority of Syrian refugees and deserve our solidarity.

And, finally, those waging war in Syria must stop. The political process led by the United Nations remains our only shot to ensure lasting stability.

True reconciliation, though, requires ending impunity for war crimes. Germany will therefore continue its efforts to ensure justice is being served.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today, Germany pledges another 1.584 billion euro to ease the suffering in Syria and its neighbourhood.

We may not be able to feel the pain that the people of Syria are feeling. But it is our duty to alleviate their suffering.

Thank you.


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