Foreign Minister Maas on agreement in Sudan

17.08.2019 - Press release

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas issued the following statement today (17 August) on the signing of an agreement in Sudan between the military council and the civilian opposition alliance on the formation of a civilian-led transitional government:

In Sudan, today is a day of hope and new beginnings. We rejoice with the Sudanese people in the signing of an agreement on the formation of a civilian-led transitional government, which will pave the way for a new political future in Sudan. This agreement was achieved through many months of intensive negotiations between the military council and the opposition, with international partners contributing to the successful outcome. I want to again especially thank the mediators of the African Union and Ethiopia, who worked tirelessly to make this agreement possible.
The top priority now must be to implement the political agreement and fill the agreement with life. There must be a complete transfer of power to the civilian transitional government - which, for its part, must in an inclusive and transparent way work to prepare for democratic general elections at the end of the transitional period.
Today may mark a turning point in the history of Sudan and the beginning of its path to becoming a stable and peaceful democracy that can give the country’s citizens a brighter future.
This is the beginning of a long journey – and I am confident that democratic change can happen in Sudan. Together with our international partners, we will do our utmost to support the country’s efforts.


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