Statement by Foreign Minister Maas prior to his departure for Oslo

14.06.2019 - Press release

Before flying to Oslo, Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement (14 June):

In international politics, it’s not the one who makes the most enemies that ultimately holds the upper hand. Rather, it’s the one who has the best partners. It is good that there are still many states who share this view, as our internet campaign #MultilateralismMatters has shown.

I am pleased to be joining Norway’s Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide in Oslo today to present the Norwegian white paper on multilateralism. Because we know that multilateralism is our life insurance. The major issues of our age can only be resolved through international cooperation. And there can only be national self-determination with international coordination. That is why we want to strengthen the multilateralism movement worldwide. It is good to know that Germany has Norway by its side in this as a close partner and good friend.


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