Foreign Minister Maas on the meeting with Iran in New York

24.09.2018 - Press release

On 24 September (local time), Foreign Minister Heiko Maas issued the following statement in New York on the meeting of the E3/EU+2 Ministerial Joint Commission with Iran:

It goes without saying that the Vienna nuclear agreement creates greater security for the region – also for us in Europe. We are well‑advised to protect what has been achieved through many years of great diplomatic effort. We are getting considerable international support for this position. Many countries believe, like we do, that there are good reasons to uphold the agreement, which also strengthens the system of nuclear non‑proliferation.

It was therefore significant that, at today’s meeting, all participants reaffirmed their commitment to continued implementation of the JCPoA.

The meeting in New York also sent a clear political message – namely that, to keep the agreement alive, real solutions are needed that will keep payment channels open and thereby make continued trade with Iran possible. We are working hard on this, together with our European partners.

However, I should also say that any strategy that solely brings the greatest amount of pressure to bear will not work. When positions harden, this does not make anything better or easier – but rather makes many things more dangerous and difficult. This road leads to deadlock and radio silence, and runs the risk of regional escalation.


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