Foreign Minister Maas and Finance Minister Scholz on the European Commission’s proposal for the 2021‑2027 multiannual financial Framework

02.05.2018 - Press release

Foreign Minister Maas and Finance Minister Scholz issued the following statement in Berlin on today’s proposal (2 May) by the European Commission for the multiannual financial framework for the period 2021‑2027:

Now that the Commission has made its proposal, it is good that negotiations can get under way on the EU’s 20212027 financial framework.

The German Government will review the suggestions and will state its position during the forthcoming consultations. We want to strengthen the European Union’s ability to act in a sustainable way over the next seven years. That is why we are strongly committed to the fundamental modernisation of EU expenditure.

The EU’s next budget must be designed to meet the right priorities, and its expenditure needs to do an even better job of delivering added value for Europe. This includes better protection of the EU’s external borders and more cooperation on defence policy.

To achieve real reform, the EU must enhance its ability to innovate, as well as better protect its citizens against threats at home and abroad, and give them a greater voice in the global arena – while standing up for our fundamental values.

The Commission’s proposal is an important first step in this direction. We must now do everything we can to achieve a satisfactory outcome as soon as possible. We will hold intensive talks to this end with our partners – member states, the Commission and the European Parliament.

The European Commission’s proposal would markedly increase Germany’s contribution to the budget. An EU budget amounting to one percent of gross national income would already lead to an average increase in Germany’s contribution of up to 10 billion euros annually as of the year 2021.

We are prepared to bear greater responsibility in order to strengthen the European Union – however, this also means that all member states must bear their fair share of the burden.


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