Foreign Minister Maas on the situation in Libya

14.05.2020 - Press release

Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement today (14 May) following consultations with his French and Italian counterparts as well as High Representative Borrell:

We have been observing the escalation of fighting in Libya with concern. We particularly condemn the most recent attacks on the city centre and airport of Tripoli and the rising numbers of civilian casualties. Instead of maintaining a ceasefire, the conflict parties remain under the illusion that they can win this conflict by military means. Their international backers on both sides are contributing to this by continuing to violate the UN arms embargo.

We must not and will not now let up in our efforts. The Follow-up Committee to the Berlin Conference met on Wednesday, now chaired by UNSMIL and Italy. The Groups of Experts have also started work. The EU operation IRINI is getting under way and will make an important and measured contribution to enforcing the arms embargo. The process begun with the Berlin Libya Conference in January is continuing.

Our objectives remain a lasting ceasefire, a political settlement with the involvement of all Libya’s people, and the preservation of Libya’s territorial integrity. If they are to be achieved, it is vital to restart the intra-Libyan dialogue formats led by UNSMIL as part of the Berlin Process.

Not least to that end, we urge that the vacant position of UN Special Representative be filled with all speed. It is more important than ever right now to keep all stakeholders on board and to remind them of their responsibilities and the pledges they made at the Berlin Libya Conference.


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