Foreign Minister Maas ahead of his trip to the G7 Foreign Ministers meeting

03.05.2021 - Press release

Before setting off for the G7 Foreign Ministers meeting in London, Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement today (3 May):

The G7 is back: this is our first meeting in this format in three years, not only as Foreign Ministers but also as a community of values. And it is high time. For, unfortunately, the world has not stood still during the last three years. Those who want to reshape the global order to reflect very different values have not waited for us.

All around the world, authoritarian states are trying to play us off against each other and breaching the rules is becoming the norm, whether it be in the Indo‑Pacific region, in Latin America or in Eastern Europe. It is important that we counter this development by championing values such as democracy, the rule of law, human rights and a rules‑based world order united and in a credible manner.

However, we cannot win this competition with commitments alone. Above all, we have to make the better offers: a worldwide vaccination rollout for everyone, especially in poor countries, for which the G7 countries are currently providing 77% of the funding, instead of cynical vaccination diplomacy. A dramatic change of course in climate change mitigation in which the largest emitters lead the way by clear example. We in the EU have already adopted this course and the United States now plans to do likewise. International trade in line with fair and transparent rules for all instead of loan deals with crippling terms. And a sustainable development partnership model which opens up opportunities for countries to escape poverty on a durable basis via education – especially for girls.

There are far more than seven like‑minded countries in the world which uphold these values. It is therefore good that the G7 has expanded the number of countries participating in the meeting in London and that, in particular, key partners from the Indo‑Pacific region will be joining us. London is the first opportunity for an in‑depth strategic exchange since the start of the Biden Administration. We want to seize this opportunity.


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