Statement by Foreign Minister Maas on the new Franco-German Treaty

09.01.2019 - Press release

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas issued the following statement today (9 January) on today’s Cabinet decision on the signing of the new Franco-German Treaty (Treaty of Aachen):

Together, Germany and France are spelling out that now in particular we need more – not less – cooperation in order to resolve the questions of the future.

In less than a year, we have successfully negotiated an ambitious new treaty, thus realigning our relations with a view to the future.

Our aim is to improve our citizens’ daily lives. To this end, one of our goals is to provide concrete and practical solutions in the border regions. We also want to further intensify our joint efforts at the international level on behalf of peace and security, in the UN Security Council and beyond.

The European Union remains the key element of our friendship. In the Treaty of Aachen, we express our commitment to a strong, sustainable and sovereign Europe.

Background information:

The Cabinet gave its consent today to the signing of the Treaty on Franco-German Cooperation and Integration. The Treaty of Aachen will be signed by Federal Chancellor Merkel and President Macron in Aachen on 22 January 2019.
The new Treaty will not replace the Elysée Treaty of 1963, but rather build on it. Both treaties will be on an equal footing.


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