Foreign Minister Maas on the second delivery of aid to support the fight against the coronavirus epidemic

18.02.2020 - Press release

Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement today (18 February) on the second delivery of aid to support the fight against the coronavirus epidemic:

We want to continue to do our utmost to support China in fighting the coronavirus. A further delivery of 8.7 tonnes of aid worth over 150,000 euros is being dispatched today, thus providing swift support without any red tape. Germany stands firmly at China’s side in fighting the coronavirus epidemic and is working closely and in a spirit of trust with the Chinese authorities. We have the very greatest respect for the efforts that China has undertaken to date. I would like to thank the donors involved in this aid delivery.

Background information:

The second aid delivery comprises protective material from the German Red Cross to the Red Cross in Wuhan, personal protective equipment and spraying equipment for disinfectants from the company Scholz-Recycling GmbH for the Chinese Red Cross in Chongqing, protective clothing and disinfectants from the company Beiersdorf, and protective gear from the Saxon State Chancellery (German Red Cross Saxony). In the course of the evacuation of German nationals from Wuhan on a German Air Force aircraft, a total of 5.4 tonnes of supplies were brought to China on 1 February 2020 (protective gear, rubber boots, gloves, masks, protective glasses and surgical caps, as well as donations from the company Beiersdorf).

The coronavirus: international health policy


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